Terms And Condition

consumer protection: –

* Priority to the consumer, in case of delayed delivery of the delivery of goods to the consumer more than two hours from the date of communication bmtc has to check for the problem and inform the customer what does happen .

*in case of repeated delay from the company carrier to the consumer without an acceptable excuse will take executive action either fines or bmtc will look for other better supplier.

* The manufacturer must ensure that the goods are available in the store with the specified quantity if limited, and if the product is not available in the store will be stopped dealing with a period of discipline determined by the management of the store (bmt center)

Protect the product (seller): –

* the consumer should to determine the location of receiving the goods, and in the case of the presence of goods in the site, the consumer extended up to 4 hours to unload the load, and in the event of delay is fined 100 dirhams for each hour goes 50% of the carrier. The consumer must specify the date (time and place) and will communicate with him directly to determine the approximate hour of arrival of the load.


*Your acceptance of the terms and conditions shall be deemed to be an electronic contract with the Company. In case you requested the site and did not receive it, the company has the right to submit a report on the reality. This will be waste from the time of the company and assigning it losses (transport and materials …)



*The consumer has to be available on site of delivery (to sign on the delivery note / other).

*delivery time might be affected due to the weather conditions. we apologize for any inconvenience

*BMTC may change its privacy policy at any time as the new version is posted on the site



Work mechanisms in application: –

* Identify each of the companies interested in reducing prices and communicate with them for signing of annual contracts and advertising (the application displays the services of the factory and thus displays the product and prices and the existence of the quality of each product) The best price will be displayed in the top menu in the application

* Each carrier determines on the one hand the best price and the cost to the customer will display their services as a priority. (In the event of the provision of transport services at high prices or without the availability of the service in a timely manner will be listed in the bottom as not recommended.

*It is important for us to provide the highest level of service to you. To help us do this, we may occasionally send you details of products, services, discounts, offers and campaigns to you, which we believe you may be interested in. We may send marketing communications with your consent. If you do not wish at any time to receive this data and would like to opt out of marketing communications, please contact us by e-mail or register in your account to change your relevant settings from the “My Account” link on the user’s home page

*BMTC may collect the following information from our users: first name, last name, street address, region and city, phone and contact numbers, email address, and GPS (mobile site) (collectively, “personally identifiable information”). In addition, BMTC may collect information relating to prior requests through requests to BMTC account holders, preferred companies, customer service inquiries, and service reviews / preferences for social sites (such as pages you “like” or “recommend”).

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*As you browse our Web site, we collect browsing data, and data flow that shows the pages you visit on the site, the type of properties you have used, the duration of your visit to a particular page, etc. This information will not show your identity or be linked to you personally. We use this information to complete, support and analyze your purchases, facilitate and improve your use of the Website, comply with any legal requirements, and provide third parties with relevant or relevant advertising content / or recommendations to you on the Website or on the Third-Party Website and for internal purposes. This information may only be disclosed to our employees and third parties concerned with completing your transaction, communicating your request, and analyzing and supporting your use of the Site.

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