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Jotech water based paints (Emulsion) are environmentally friendly products, based on high copolymer and acrylic emulsion. It contains pigments, extenders, anti-fungal and antibacterial additives.


  • Water, weather and alkali resistant (for exterior application)
  • Contains anti fungal and antibacterial additives.
  • Gives smooth finish (Gloss, Silky, Matt)
  • Easy to apply and fast drying.
  • High coverage quality.

Recommended Use:

Recommended for interior and exterior purposes (depending on the product) and can be used on concrete, plaster, gypsum and wooden surfaces.

Application Method:

Roller, brush or spray. For thinning add 10 – 15% water if necessary.

Theoretical Spreading Rate:

7.5 – 10.5 m2/liter depending on application method, nature of surface and film thickness.

Drying Time:

Touch dry: 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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Select Jotech Eggshell Silk Emulsion is a beautiful, mid-sheen interior finish that covers your wall in a uniformly opaque coating, and gives off a slight radiance. It is highly recommended for its superior coverage – even one can goes a long way. What’s more? It offers a wide range of sumptuous colors, so that you can create just about any look you desire.

Surface preparation:
Clean the surface thoroughly. Make sure it is dry and free of all dust, contaminants and fungal growth. Remove any laitance (accumulation of particles on fresh concrete) by wire brush or sweep blast.

Application procedure:
Apply two coats of Select Eggshell Silk with adequate time between coats. Apply evenly taking care to avoid runs and sags. Do refer to the product sheet for details on drying times, thinning ratio and other information.

Product type: Interior Paints.

Size: 1 USG Dram (20 Liter)